Please ignore any emails you've recently received from this account or my other account.

I'm trying to sort out what was probably, essentially a hack into multiple accounts of mine. I'm not sure what was hacked and I'm not sure what wasn't, so for safe reference, I want everyone on my contact list to ignore any and all emails I send out to you for a little while. I do not use for personal messages.

I have been informed that my OTHER account,, which is my personal account, has also sent emails. I am changing all of my passwords, etc.

Do NOT follow the link that was in the email, please.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Jeci South

Threads like water.

"Spiders dripped down like water from their threads as well, each larger than her hand. She reached up and caught one, contrary to its protests in the form of high pitched squeals and squeaks; it twitched its little legs, desperately trying to wriggle free. She eyed it for a moment, then leaned toward her hand and bit into it, down around the frantic cephalothorax with her teeth to rip off the front part of its body, ignoring the flailing, hairy, almost tarantula-like limbs trying to hook into her skin and retaliate; she would have none of that."


"But how do you know so much about it if you’re just a shop clerk?”

“Just a shop clerk, they always say. But how do you know? You don’t.”

“Oh. I’m… I’m sorry.” She bit her lip.

“Don’t be. I’m just a shop clerk."